Diaphragm valve

Diaphragm valves are used for regulation, unlike ball valves that are sectioning tools. It allows accurate regulation of the fluid flow.
Diaphragm valves are usually preferred by maintenance or production managers as well as engineers when the transported fluid is charged with solid particles.

SAFI Diaphragm valves are available with different body materials (PVDF, PPH, UPVC) and seals (EPDM, PTFE or FKM (Viton®)).
The key element in the production of diaphragm valves is the quality of elastomere chosen for the diaphragm itself. SAFI diaphragm valves are equipped with various high quality elastomers (EPDM, FKM or PTFE) that prevent the valve from premature ageing and leakage.
Easy to use and practice SAFI diaphragm valves are standardized so that they can easily replace any other standardized valve, the manual ones are equipped with a visual position indicator, they can be marked with the customer's name, they can be actuated...
Safety is ensured thanks to the lockable option of the hand wheel, consolidation insert included...

Diaphragm valve Diaphragm valve

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