Non-return valve

SAFI offers several kinds of non-return valves:
- The non-return valve with spring: it is made from the same body than GRPP or PVDF ball valve but without the spindle. It is available from DN 15 to 100, and it can be connected to the piping through external or internal threaded ends, PP, PE, PVDF plain sockets ends.
The main advantage of the non-return valve with spring is that it can be positioned in any way (horizontal, vertical...), and it ensures perfect tightness. These non return valve can be fitted with a 316 stain steel spring or as an option with a Hastelloy one.
The swing check valve: this product is available with UPVC, PPH or PVDF material, from DN 50 to 300 (larger possible on request), horizontal only and set-up between two flanges. The main advantage of the swing check valve is its small size and its good value for money.
The double union ball check valve: available in PVC, PP and PVDF material, vertical set-up with plain socket ends. DN 25 to 200. The double union ball check valve offers a low price.

The flanged full bore and swing non-return valve: available in PPH, PVD and PVC from DN 25 to 200. Horizontal set-up only and flanged connections to piping. Major advantage of this product is the full-bore.

Non-return valve Non-return valve

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