R&D Means

SAFI's primary objective is to offer technical solutions to its clients through the development of its R&D facilities to meet our customers requirements. Our engineers and technicians come from a wide spectrum of industries such as automotive, mechanical and plastics, SAFI is able to offer a unique viewpoint from our joint experience to enhance our desire for constant technical innovation.

Our teams of sales engineers and technicians are regularly on site to see and better understand the need of our customers. SAFI is able to discuss specific applications directly with the end user and customer design team to ensure the right combination of product and materials are specified.

Our R&D service has the latest simulation and design tools (CAD under SOLIDWORKS, mold flow software, mechanical calculations and finite element analysis), as well as many test facilities for rapid prototyping, heat rooms for thermal tests, air and helium test areas, pressure loss measurement equipment, etc) to ensure we select the right products and materials for maximum reliability - and a method to test and verify them.