DIGITAL ID - Digital signage

SAFI now allows you to identify your products quickly and easily with a DIGITAL ID.
A DIGITAL ID is a digital nameplate containing a unique identification with QR code, according to DIN SPEC 91406.

No more paper! !

No more lost or stored printed drawings, certificates, test documents and maintenance and installation manuals.

No more searching for documentation !

This DIGITAL ID with QR code provides easy access to product specifications and technical documents, such as data sheets, certificates and physical dimensions. It also includes instructions for use and installation or information on spare parts or replacement.

Advantages / Benefits :


  • Unique product identification worldwide.

  • The serial number stored in the DIGITAL ID accompanies the device throughout its life cycle.

  • Access to a product-specific website: safe and quick access to specific product information.

  • On-site access to relevant documents: product documentation is available without additional searches.

  • The use of DIGITAL ID prepares your company for Industry 4.0.

  • Traceability of products in your factory.

  • The QR code is the industry standard.

  • Complies with DIN SPEC 91406.

How does it work ?


You have a SAFI product with a QR code label installed in your factory, you can now access the product information very easily.

The access is simple :

Try the QR Code by scanning it with your phone :

Or click here to view the scan result.

A single interface for all devices: PC, smartphone and tablet...