SAFI : a responsible company. At SAFI, we believe that people are the most important value of the company.

We therefore pay the greatest attention to social and ethical concerns. Hence at SAFI :

  • Managers show the example.
  • We share our strategy, goals and results at all levels of the company.
  • We apply a strict equal treatment between men and women, whether in terms of salary, working time or access to responsibilities.
  • We know that personal life is sometimes made up of ups and downs and we take it into account.
  • As an international company, we know that diversity is a chance, not an obstacle. More than 10 different nationalities work in the company.

Every day, we help our customers solve their corrosion problems and thus avoid leaks and pollution. The respect for the environment and our planet is one of our major concerns.

Attentive to respect our policy as much as possible « Health – Safety – Environment » we seek to reduce waste and energy consumption. Nearly all of our industrial waste is recycled today.

SAFI is also subscribed to EcoVadis, the first collaborative platform that offers to suppliers sustainable development performance evaluations for global supply chains.